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Students & Teachers

We have been providing our remarkable computer repair services to teachers and students and they have recommended our services. Please take a look at some of the feedbacks we received from Students and Teachers from different colleges and universities and what they say about our computer and laptop repair service:-

1. Ashford College, Ashford

After spending days writing a paper for my most important class, my computer crashed and wouldn’t start up again. I had no idea what to do so I took it to the computer repair shop, explaining my horrible situation. They calmed me down and made me feel good about their services, getting to work immediately to find the problem. Their technicians had my computer back up very quickly and were even able to recover the most recent version of my file! It was truly a lifesaver that helped me pass a class that I needed for graduation!

2. University of Kent, Canterbury

I had an important presentation to give to my students when I somehow contracted a terrible virus on my computer. I couldn’t open my presentation program and the entire computer kept crashing. I took it to the computer repair shop immediately and they knew exactly what virus I was fighting against. They had the tools and experience necessary to remove the virus and clean up my computer in a very short period of time. By the next day, I was giving my important presentation as if nothing had ever happened! This is the best repair shop in the region!

3. Eliot College, University of Kent

As a graphic arts student, I use my iMac for almost everything. When it started to sputter and become so slow as to be unusable, I knew I had some major problems. I took it to the repair shop and they told me they already knew what was wrong with it. They worked on it non-stop, installing new software, upgrading, and cleaning up the hard drive. When I got my iMac back, it was as though someone had bought me a brand-new computer! I was ready to tackle all my school projects with no worries about slowing down!

4. Keynes College, Canterbury

One day, coming home from class, my computer bag strap broke and everything crashed to the ground, my MacBook included. When I opened it up, the screen was shattered, and the computer was completely inoperative. At first, I was ready to scream, but then I remembered the friendly computer repair shop in my region. I took it in and they had exactly what I needed! In no time, I had a fresh, clean, brand-new screen that looked even better than the original! It was truly a wonderful experience and I’ll be going there for all of my MacBook repair needs!

5. University for the Creative Arts, Rochester

I teach a production class and rely heavily on my iMac to run quickly and efficiently for presentations and assignments. It had been slowing down greatly in recent months, and I wasn’t sure if it was from age or from a virus. I took it to the computer repair shop and they took a quick look at it. They assured me that they could fix it up and have me back to normal in less than a day. When I got it back, I was amazed at how well the computer ran and how quickly the programs opened and closed! I will certainly be back if I ever need computer help again!

6. East Kent College, Dover

I spent several hours working on a paper, stupidly not saving it when the battery on my MacBook died. I was devastated but knew that I may be able to recover it if I acted quickly. I took it to the computer repair shop and they assured me that they could get the file back. In minutes they were working on my computer and shortly thereafter they found the file just as I had left it! This is truly a team of experienced professionals and they are a pleasure to work with!

7. Darwin College, University of Kent

I have all of my files on my MacBook Pro, so when the battery died and wouldn’t recharge, I was highly stressed, wondering if I had lost all of my student data. I took it to the repair shop and they let me know that they could replace the battery very easily. I was simply suffering from a burnt-out battery, but I had no idea how to fix it or what to do. They took over the task and almost immediately had me back out the door with a fully functional computer! Grade-A Experience all-around!

8. University for the Creative Arts, Rochester (UCA Rochester)

Our student network of computers is highly interconnected, so it is extremely important to protect it from viruses. When one student inadvertently got infected, we took the computer into the repair shop immediately. They explained that this was a common virus and that they could have it eradicated very quickly. The computer came back good as new, and they even offered to install protection for our entire network! They are thorough, comprehensive, professional, and friendly.

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