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MaidStone Computer Repair

Our Services at Ashford

Are you tired of facing computer issues? Don’t panic. We offer the most exceptional computer repair services in Ashford.

If you are experiencing laptop or computer issues in Ashford, we've got something special for you!

Instruction manuals and YouTube videos make you do most of the work yourself. Help lines can be confusing and don’t give you the reassurance of having a trained professional working on your issues. Leave your computer with your troubles at Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repair, and let us do the legwork for you!

Here at Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repair, we are proud to serve all of the Ashford areas’ computer repair needs. We do iMac Repair, MacBook Pro repair, Game console, MacBook screen replacement, PC repair, data backup and recovery, virus removal, and much more. If you’re having an issue with your computer, we’ve seen it before and we’re here to help.

Busy handling other projects?

Feel free to drop your laptop or computer at our store or just give us a call and we will come to you. We also love doing onsite repairs for homes or businesses. Call us once, and you’ll never make another call for your computer repair needs in Ashford.

Own a small or not-so-small business? We love working with businesses. From network crashes, data recovery, and cyber security, we will handle everything perfectly.

The best defense is a good offense.

We can come by and make sure all of your data is backed up properly and your network is secure. One call to our best computer repair service in Ashford can give you the peace of mind of knowing that both your clients’ and your company’s information is protected. You don’t want those pesky hackers getting their hands on your info.

On top of our incredible customer service and quick turnaround times (most computer repairs can be done in under three hours, depending on parts’ availability), we also offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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