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Donate your Computer, Laptop, MacBook Pro or iMac

It happened to most of us. One unaware moment, we drop our iPad, the glass shatters, and we are in tatters. You can throw it out and buy a new one, or you can donate it to Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repairs.

Why would I donate my broken, faulty Computer, Laptop, MacBook Pro or iMac, you may ask

• First of all, it is responsible, and it is kind on the environment.

Secondly, any of your digital devices is full of recyclable bits and pieces, and this is where Maidstone Computer and Laptops steps in. Every one of your donated Computer, Laptop, MacBook Pro or iMac have to undergo a thorough scrutiny by an expert team of Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repair. There the talented and competent staff will decide what will happen next.

Usable parts are taken out and will be used to repair or refurbish other Computers, Laptops, MacBook Pro or iMac. Only then, when there is nothing left, which could be used anywhere else, the remaining parts will be disposed of sensibly, without causing more harm to the environment. This in itself gives Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repair, in my mind, a big plus.

The best part, however, is still to come. Once repaired, your donated Computers, Laptops, MacBook Pro or iMac, are assigned to a new purpose. They are used to either train new staff or serve students for work experience, seeking a career in the computer repair business.

In other words, what has become junk for you, eventually builds jobs and careers, boots the economy, small businesses and is gentle on the environment at the same time. – Not many people are aware that digital devices contain highly toxic parts which often end up in a landfill, polluting water and land even more. Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repair certainly does its part, to keep the environment clean and healthy for other generations to come.

The answer to what to do with Computers, Laptops, MacBook Pro or iMac which are of no use to you anymore and only catching dust, is easy. If you live in the area of Maidstone, Canterbury, Ashford, Sevenoaks and Rochester, donate them to Maidstone Computers and Laptop Repair.

It is important for you to know, that Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repair does not seek any financial gain from your donation. Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repairs does not sell anything but specialises in repairs and recycling only!

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Our Customer Service

If you don’t know what to do with your old digital devices, you can call or email us. We make sure you always talk to a competent and friendly technician, answering all your questions.

Alternatively, if you live just around the corner, just pop in, and we will help you in any way possible.

Why is there no better place to go?

We value time and money. Bringing your digital device to us and you can be sure we get it right the first time. To uphold this promise, we give you a three-month warranty. Our service is reliable, and our prices are attractive. We go even that far if we cannot fix your computer, we don’t charge you. Once your digital device is beyond repair, you could donate it to us. This will guarantee that we can help other people as well, without breaking their budget.

Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repairs is a well know computer shop in the Maidstone, Canterbury, Ashford, Sevenoaks and Rochester area with its reputation gathering traction every day. People know that they can rely on the professional repairs the capable team from Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repairs will deliver. Competence, timely repairs and attractive prices are playing hand in hand, delivering a customer service, which people from today expect.

Not to forget in this context, is their capability to recycle all your old Computers, Laptops, MacBook Pro or iMacs. What you don’t need any more you donate to Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repairs, and your gadgets will live on in repaired or refurbished devices. In turn, your donation will help other people, students and most of all our precious environment.

Services offered by Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repair:

•	Virus Problems 
•	Your PC does not start
•	Windows 10 Issues 
•	You are looking at a blank screen 
•	You need a new fan because your PS overheats and shuts off 
•	Internet, Email 
•	Error Messages 
•	Faulty Hard Drive 
•	Damaged Power Supply
•	Computer Upgrades 
•	Broken Screen 
•	Virtualization 

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