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MaidStone Computer Repair

Our Services at Canterbury

Top Notch Computer Repair in Canterbury

Are you having troubles with your MacBook, laptop, iMac, Game console, or computer? If you are in Canterbury, just give us a call and our computer experts will repair any issues afflicting your Mac or PC.

Here at Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repair, we pride ourselves in great customer service first. This means a genuine greeting, and a true willingness to help from each and every one of our associates. Our staff members are highly trained, and can help with all manner of issues.

If you are having screen issues, or battery problems, we have a solution for that. If your computer is running slow, or you think it could possibly have a virus, we can fix that too.

Genuine Customer Service

When addressing any issue, we love for you to tell us everything that’s been going on before we begin our process of diagnosing and repairing the computer. Our staff will listen closely, and understand all your requirements. In addition, after hearing you out and diagnosing the issue, we will slowly explain in detail what has happened to cause your computer trouble. This way, you gain a better understanding of what occurred.

After giving your approval to repair it, we’ll have your laptop or desktop back to you quickly in pristine running condition. We hope you’ll give us a chance to make you reconsider, as we pride ourselves on beating competitor pricing if at all possible. This includes doing a good, quality job that you’re satisfied with.

We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee as well.

We don’t just believe in offering onetime computer repair service in Canterbury. For the three months following any work we do on your personal computer, business workspace or network, or any other device, we assure that you will have no further issues. If you do, just give us a call and we will come fix it for free.

Special Offer for Students

If you are a student of University of Kent, and are looking for affordable computer repair services, just discuss the problems you’re facing, and we will offer a special 20% discount for you. All you need to do is just show your photo ID to get your discount.

We would love to provide you with the assistance you need to get all your computer repair needs done. Come on in and let us solve your computer needs today.

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