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Hospital & Staff

We offer one-of-a-kind services and have served many hospital staff members who are really pleased with the services. Our customers always love our services and have shared their experience with our Computer and Laptop Repair service. We truly appreciate their custom and acknowledgement.

1. Kent and Canterbury Hospital

When we found out that our data had been corrupted at our hospital, we were devastated. There was important information about patients, doctors, and employees that needed to be recovered and we needed to get it done fast. We took it to the Maidstone Computer and Laptop Repair shop and they were on the case within minutes helping to get us a quote and analyze our issue. The pleasant professionals began work immediately and within no time our computer was back up running with all the information we needed. It was truly a fast, worthwhile experience that saved the day.

2. William Harvey Hospital, Ashford

I use my MacBook at my hospital job on a daily basis, so when I knocked it off a small table and cracked the screen, I had no idea what to do. Luckily, a colleague referred me to this repair shop. I knew that I needed to fix this problem right away, so I took my computer in and asked what could be done. They politely explained that I didn’t need to worry and that this could be fixed easily. They took the computer and before I knew it the screen was replaced and looked as good as new.

3. Royal Victoria Hospital, Folkestone

When I suspected that my computer had been infected with a virus, I shut it down right away because I knew that it would be terrible to infect the entire hospital that I worked at. I took it to the repair shop and asked if there was anything they could do to remove what seemed to be a nasty virus. They got their experts on it immediately and let me know that everything would be okay. When they returned the computer, it was running better than ever before and was completely virus-free!

4. KIMS Hospital, Weavering

My MacBook Pro was getting up in age and starting to run slowly. As a nurse, I needed to be working quickly every day, so I didn’t have time to wait for it load. When I took it to the repair shop, I knew that I was in good hands. They made me comfortable from the start and told me they could have this running as if I just bought it yesterday. They weren’t joking! After some quick diagnostics, upgrades, and repairs, I had my computer back and now I can accomplish my daily tasks with ease!

5. Spire Alexandra Hospital, Chatham

Our iMac is an integral part of our imaging process at Spire Alexandra Hospital, so when we couldn’t get it started we were worried about the problems it would cause. Fortunately, we knew about this great repair service and took it in immediately. They greeted us with a smile and made us confident that they’d have it back up and running in no time. It ended up being a complex issue, but they handled it quickly and efficiently, allowing us to get back to the imaging process without suffering from major delays.

6. East Kent College, Dover

As a Doctor, I need to have a secure storage option for all of my data. When I accidentally deleted a big chunk, I was worried that I’d never get it back. In a hurry, I rushed to the computer repair shop to see what they could do. Their experts consulted with me briefly and then got to work on finding my data. Within minutes they were able to recover the data that had been deleted, saving me time and money and ensuring that I could get my job done in the most effective way possible.

7. Darwin College, University of Kent

We recently upgraded to a new software platform at our hospital, but we couldn’t quite get the older Machines to work properly with the update. We called the repair shop and they sent in a technician that new exactly what he was doing. He worked on the old computers, running diagnostics and repairing old programs until they were fully up and running on the network. He was highly professional, efficient, and was able to help prevent us from having to go back to our older, slower operating system. It was truly a wonderful experience!

8. Maidstone Hospital

Getting a virus is no fun, especially when it affects several computers on your network. A few employees at our hospital didn’t update their MacBooks in time and got infected with a virus that rendered them essentially useless. We shuttled them to the computer repair shop immediately and explained the situation, hoping that they could help. They took on the daunting task with a smile and had us in and out of the shop very quickly. Our computers were back to normal without any trace of the virus, and our employees were happy and productive again!

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