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MaidStone Computer Repair

Our Services at Gillingham

PC And Mac Repair Services At Your Fingertips!

Maybe you’re a doctor who has accidentally lost important patient’s data. Maybe you’re a teacher or student who needs your laptop for a presentation, but it won’t turn on. Or maybe you’re running an athletic club, and a virus has breached your system.

No matter what the scenario, we can help. Our experts have repaired computers and laptops for Medway Maritime Hospital, The Gillingham Football Club, The Gillingham Golf Club, The University of Greenwich, MidKent College Gillingham, and The Brompton Academy Gillingham. Our services come highly recommended by each organization because of our expertise, our efficiency, and our speed. We offer same day services for:

•	Onsite support for business networks and servers
•	Home PC and Mac repair for crashed computers
•	Virus removal and protection to ensure high speed and data protection
•	Data backup and restoration for personal or business computers
•	Software and Hardware instillation
•	Screen replacement and much more

Our experts can make sure that you or your business can forge ahead, unimpeded by computer failures or viruses. Our friendly and knowledge staff seeks to help the Gillingham community, and all of its residence. Our speedy repairs can ensure that all of your patient’s data is restored. We’ll help you nail that presentation for school. And we’ll even keep your athletic club running smoothly. Many in the Gillingham community already know and trust our services.

Hire us to repair your computer so we can keep Gillingham on the right track and moving forward. The best part is that we offer a special discount to students, teachers, hospital staff and football club members. You just need to show us your valid ID proof and we will offer a special 20% discount for you.

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